Richard Johnson - 2009

Dick Johnson retired from American Tire Distributors in April 2009. Prior to his retirement, Johnson served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Tire Distributors, Inc. Johnson led the company through ten years of rapid growth, both organic and via a series of acquisitions. He strengthened ATD by divesting its retail stores and improving its financial flexibility. Johnson brought a broad range of expertise to the Company and he built a unified team committed to using its essential strengths - distribution and customer service - to help independent tire dealers grow their businesses. Johnson's business success stemmed from his ability to balance passionate common sense with expertise in the distribution business.

Johnson became American Tire Distributors' Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in May 2003. Prior to becoming Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of American Tire Distributors, Johnson served as the Company's President and CEO since 2001. Before that time Johnson led Heafner Tire Group's Southeast Division as President. He also served as President and Chief Operating Officer of ITCO Tire Company from February 1997 until ITCO merged with Heafner in May 1998.

His management experience includes 30 years in another highly competitive industry -- food distribution. From 1971 until 1996, Johnson served as Senior Vice President, then President and Chief Operating Officer, of Albert Fisher Foods, Inc. He also held management positions with Leprino Foods, Sargento Cheese and Kraft Foods.